Statement by SMA on SB 17, SB 207, HB 19 and HB 1617

SMA Contact: Kimberly Leggett

AUSTIN – Southwest Movers Association (SMA) today released the following statement regarding filed and reserved bills addressing abusive lawsuits against owners and operators of commercial vehicles in Texas.

"SMA fully supports bills that address lawsuit abuse in the commercial motor vehicle industry. SB 17, SB 207, HB 19 and HB 1617 will ensure the moving industry is able to continue to do business in Texas. With approximately 1,000 people moving to this great state every day and companies across the country relocating to Texas, the moving industry plays a critical role in our economic success.

Like many other industries that employ commercial motor vehicle drivers, the moving industry is seeing insurance costs skyrocket as a result of lawsuit abuse. These growing rates are unsustainable and will force moving companies to close their doors. Licensed movers are essential for home and business relocations and will continue to be in high demand as Texas grows. We want to ensure people are able to use credentialed movers and do not have to turn to rogue operators during this continued boom. The legislature must act to keep this industry in business.

SMA thanks Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Speaker Dade Phelan for their leadership on this important issue."