SMA Heritage Award

In 1988, SMA Vice Chairman Mike Craddock established an award to recognize an SMA member who had made significant contributions to the moving industry and association. The first presentation was titled the SWTA Outstanding Member Award and was presented to O. D. “Shack” Shackelford.

The Heritage Award honors true leaders who form the backbone of the moving and storage profession and give selflessly to the community and association. Recipients are nominated by the SMA Heritage Committee along with input from other members. The Heritage Award recipients represent SMA’s most faithful servants.


Photo of 2022 Heritage Award Recipient John Willis

SMA 2023 Heritage Award Recipient Joe Harris pictured with his wife, Julie Harris.


2023  Joe Harris
2022  John Willis
2020  Ed Marx, Jr.
2019  Debbie Warren
2018  Traci McCullah
2017  Chris Moucka
2016  April Surratt
2015  Gary Hendley
2014  John Hart
2013  Roy Adams
2012  Randy Berry
2011  Andy Crocker
2010  Richard Willis
2009  Terry Arnold
2008  Dorothy Brooks
2007  Carl Browning
2006  Larry Huff
2005  Bob Adams
2004  Audrey Fogle
2003  Paul “Bugsy” Miller
2002  Wayne Cotton
2001  Konrad Gwaltney
2000  George Gilbert
1999  Bill Andis
1998  James Alexander
1997  Mike Craddock
1996  Jim French
1995  David Zalkovsky
1994  Jack Conlee
1993  James B. Herndon
1992  W. Scott “Dub” Clark
1991  Charlie Nichols
1990  Carl Stoune
1989  Mack McKinney
1988  O.D. “Shack” Shackelford

Due to the pandemic, there was no selection for the 2021 Heritage Award