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About the Program

Promote Professionalism and Ethics. The Pinnacle Mover Program promotes and recognizes professional competence and adherence to ethical standards on the part of movers operating in Texas. Certification signifies a mover’s organization has agreed to operate under industry standards beyond the minimums required by law insuring a commitment to the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. To qualify and achieve certification, a mover must meet and maintain certain required criteria. Certification is valid for one year from the date of certification.
Application and Certification. Applicant companies must be a member in good standing of SMA. To begin the certification process, applicants must submit a completed certification questionnaire along with a $150 certification fee. In addition, the mover must submit proof of attainment of individual certification criteria and submit to an onsite evaluation by the Pinnacle Mover certification committee or SMA staff if needed. All locations with same TxDMV number must be a part of the original application and listed complete with officers or owners physical address. Additional locations require a $50 fee per location.
Best of the Best in the Industry. Achieving status of Pinnacle Mover indicates a commitment to be the best of the best in the industry. Once certified, a mover will receive an engraved award for display at their location (additional awards are available at a cost for movers with multiple locations) as well as decals and the Pinnacle logo. SMA will issue a press release to local media and applicable regulatory agencies recognizing certification. Pinnacle Movers are also eligible to participate in advertising campaigns recognizing Pinnacle Movers both locally and regionally.

Guidelines for Eligibility and Certification

SMA mover member companies in good standing, operating and licensed in Texas under one consistent, active license for at least one year and have a United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) registration number.

Applicants must meet the criteria as outlined in the application.

Applicants must submit a non-refundable certification fee of $150 plus $50 for each additional location operating with the same TxDMV number.

Pinnacle Mover Certification is valid for one year from the date of certification.

Initial certification under the Pinnacle Mover Program is valid for one year from the date certification is awarded. Recertification is available by submitting a recertification application and a $100 recertification fee for the original applicant plus $25.00 for each additional location.

Pinnacle Movers falling out of compliance may reapply by submitting a new application and certification fee subject to the same review as an initial applicant.

Pinnacle Mover Logo and Name Usage
Upon certification, movers are authorized to use the Pinnacle logo in any and all advertising as long as Pinnacle Mover status is maintained. SMA reserves the right to use the name of any certified Pinnacle Mover in its promotion of the program. Pinnacle Mover is a registered trademark of SMA. Any unauthorized use of the Pinnacle Mover logo, or any likeness thereof, can result in legal action on behalf of the association. If Pinnacle Mover status is not renewed, lost or denied, SMA reserves the right to require the mover to remove all Pinnacle Mover logo usage.

Multiple Locations
Multiple locations are defined as all locations operating under the same (or one) TxDMV number. The Pinnacle Mover certification is achieved by the mover organization and will extend to additional locations operating under the same name, TxDMV number, identical policies and procedures as the home location. Additional locations must meet the same criteria and be made a part of the original application, or upon applying for recertification, by those companies having already achieved the Pinnacle status.

Sale of a Pinnacle Mover Company
The sale of a Pinnacle would allow the sold portion to claim that status for 90 days. After that time, the purchaser must re-file the appropriate application along with proper documentation to keep the Pinnacle Mover certification.