SMA Statement on CSHB19

SMA Contact: Kimberly Leggett

Southwest Movers Association today released the following statement on the passage of the Committee Substitute for HB 19, which will provide for consistency and uniformity in how trial courts handle commercial motor vehicle cases.

“Southwest Movers Association thanks Chairman Jeff Leach for his leadership on this bill and the citizens across Texas who have voiced their support for CSHB 19,” said SMA Executive Director John D. Esparza. “Moving companies across the state have seen the impacts abusive lawsuits are having on our industry—and it’s not just the moving industry. It’s no coincidence that motor vehicle lawsuits in Texas have increased 118%, while other kinds of personal injury litigation are decreasing. Any commercial vehicle with a logo is a prime target for those looking to pad their pockets and hoodwink jurors. This legislation will help to reign in the abusive practices and plug legal loopholes, while protecting all Texans and ensuring fairness in the courtroom.”