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Lawsuit Reform initiative

For far too long, trucking, moving and any company with commercial motor vehicles have witnessed first-hand the abuse personal injury trial lawyers have inflicted on these industries. They've taken advantage of the system and loopholes within the current laws to win overly inflated insurance payouts for their clients. These verdicts have created a ripple effect, causing insurance premiums to skyrocket and at times forcing companies to close their doors.

The abuses and unfair environment in our legal system must end. To make that effort a reality, SMA has joined the TXTA Lawsuit Reform Initiative to ensure the public and legislature are aware of the essential nature of the moving industry and the damage lawsuit abuse causes. 

Our goal is to restore fairness in adjudicating catastrophic crashes involving commercial motor vehicles. We strongly believe that when a motor carrier acts wrongfully, and that wrongful conduct injures those with whom we share the roads, the motor carrier should be held accountable and those injured should be fairly compensated. But various trends are transforming truck accident cases into a profit-making business, rather than a fair system for holding bad actors accountable.

For additional information on the Lawsuit Reform Initiative, please contact Kimberly Leggett