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About the Coalition

SMA is proud to join Texas Trucking Association (TXTA), Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR) and a coalition of partners that have come together to form the Keep Texas Trucking Coalition—a group dedicated to developing legislative remedies to address the lawsuit abuse that has plagued not only the trucking industry, but all industries with commercial motor vehicles.

The coalition’s goal is to restore fairness. When a commercial vehicle acts wrongfully and causes a crash or injury, it should be held accountable and those injured should be fairly compensated. But unfair litigation tactics are destabilizing the tort system and transforming commercial vehicle accident lawsuits into a profit center for plaintiff lawyers.

To learn more and to get involved, visit or contact Kimberly Leggett


SB 17 & 207 and HB 19 & 1617

Senate Bills 17 and 207 and House Bills 19 and 1617 address abusive lawsuits against owners and operators of commercial vehicles in Texas. Legislators need to hear how abusive lawsuits are hurting Texas jobs and businesses. To show your support for this legislation, please submit a letter to lawmakers in the Texas Legislature on the Keep Texas Trucking Coalition website.