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Company, location and service areas.
A-1 Freeman Moving Group is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with 14 locations throughout Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas.

What’s the one thing your business is known for over your competitors?
A-1 Freeman brings more than cartons and moving vans—their vast network of dedicated transportation professionals and information systems makes every relocation a successful one. Even though moving an entire household seems like a giant task, it's really a matter of managing details—and the professionals at A-1 Freeman Moving Group can simplify that!

How did the business get started?
In 1974, Jim Freeman founded A-1 Freeman Moving Group on a belief that he could build an organization that would provide better quality and value for his customers. What started as one man, one truck and a vision is now one of North American Van Lines' largest agents and the fastest growing agent family.

What’s your favorite part about being in the industry?
A-1 Freeman Moving Group loves “Making Lives Better One Move at a Time."

What’s a positive change you have seen in the industry since your company has been in business?
Technology in the transportation industry has not only created efficiencies to improve productivity, but also produced a safer operating environment.

What is the top moving tip you give a new client?
Stay Organized! Create a detailed list of tasks that need to be completed before, during and after the move. Set deadlines for yourself and abide by them.

Tell us a fun fact about your business.
A-1 Freeman Moving Group is a family owned and operated business who believes in providing both quality and value.


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