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MovePAC is set up to encourage participation from every level of our membership ¬óno matter how big or small the donation. Members of the MovePAC Committee participate at one of the following levels: $250 (gold), $150 (silver) or $50 (bronze). Members who wish to support MovePAC at a different level are encouraged to do so. No contribution is too small and every dollar counts. SMA's goal is to have every member participate in some manner. Support of advocacy efforts is critical to the success of our industry. Thank you to all of MovePAC's generous donors!


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If you prefer to make your donation by check, please complete the MovePAC Contribution Form and return it to

By state law, contributions to MovePAC can be made by individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs that do not have a corporate member, or Limited Partnerships that do not have a corporate partner. By state law, contributions to MovePAC cannot be made from corporate funds. All corporate payments will be applied to the Legislative Victory Fund (LVF). The LVF is used in concert with MovePAC to cover the expenses of our advocacy efforts. MovePAC is required by law to obtain employer and occupation information on PAC contributions by individuals. SMA greatly appreciates support in any form, but our preference is to support MovePAC.