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Harvey Relief Efforts - FOR HIRE
Businesses interested only in for-hire to work with FEMA can register directly here [ ] . SMA continues to work daily with these partners to assist in rescue and recovery efforts.

Movers Actively Working Disaster Efforts Need to Confirm Access
While parts of the state are still in active emergencies with stranded people and rising water, others are shifting their focus on recovery efforts and protocol for each city or county is given by those local jurisdictions independently . FEMA can help you. These jurisdictions are the emergency management operations centers of the individual counties. Evacuated areas are still inaccessible to unauthorized freight. Spontaneously showing up in these areas in not advised, as you must coordinate with the local communities. So before you depart, please crosscheck your route with this real-time website, [ ] , for road closures to ensure you have selected a passable path. Be sure and “hover” your mouse over the symbols or colors on the roadways for information on that particular segment. Some specifically say lanes are open, but frontage roads are under water. For authorized access or re-entry you can send the following information to FEMA at [ ] .
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